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About Us

The idea behind p3D is to combine a need (employment) with a trend (social networking).  p3D has developed online recruiting tools that combine two popular technologies for the goal of employment.  Historically proven that 80% of all hires come from some sort of referral or networking.  Companies today are interested in recruiting in social network settings.  However, recruiting within a social network setting is challenging based on the amount of personal information exposed. 

This is where one of the p3D differentiators come in.  We have developed a series of professional networking sites to be used purely for career management and the job/candidate search process.  For job seekers, and employers alike, this format will offer a unique experience.  Through user interaction and information sharing, it  will  allow job seekers  and employers to network with their like minded peers, and mentors, both prior to, and during the interview  process. 

Peers will be able to share advice, experience and leads in an effort to help their fellow colleagues achieve their goals.  For job seekers, this is a 24 hour virtual job fair.  Positions are posted, activity happens, interaction, networking, application, and even online recruiting events are scheduled.  This allows our recruiting communities to be interactive, and not static.


For Employers, not only can they recruit for their immediate positions, but they will be able to court and build a pipeline of future employees by connecting to their networks, and sharing information about up coming positions and projects.  Just like job seekers, an Employer will now have an opportunity to view a candidate in a 360 degree way.  Meaning, an employer will not only view a resume (like most job boards), but they will have an opportunity to view the communication, groups, postings, questions, activities, etc., of a candidate prior to engaging, in an effort to more deeply assess the viability of that candidate.  

Founded in 2008, the p3Development Group is dedicated to creating a new trend in recruiting.  Contact us for more information.  PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE FIND WORK.
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