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There's a new trend in recruiting today.  More and more companies are adopting the practice of recruiting on social networking sites.  As you know, there are positives and negatives with recruiting within a purely social setting.  For instance, a positive aspect would be that you are able to capture passive job seekers, which have always proven to be the most desirable of candidates.  However, one of the major negatives of recruiting within a purely social community is the potential liability and ethical issues of knowing too much information about potential candidates. 

The p3Development Group has created communities that take advantage of this growing trend and create an opportunity for you to recruit in a pro-socialsetting.   
Pro-social communities are settings that employ social networking functionalities, but are purely professional sites, so there is never a need to sift through personal or sensitive information about your candidates.

Engage with p3D's Professional Services group for all of your social recruiting training and development.  By adopting our DEBS3 practice, you will see immediate ROI with our communities and your organization will become part of a growing number of companies transforming the talent acquisition industry. 

Please contact us for more information on our DEBS3process and how your organization can take part in a company-wide implementation of the practice.

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